It’s no secret the Pirates offense has been scuffling the first two weeks of the season. So it got me to thinking, could this offense be better if Pedro Alvarez were to bat cleanup? And I think it’s something the Pirates should really consider. Not just bat him cleanup, but have him in the lineup everyday, even if there is a left-hander on the mound. I realize Clint Hurdle’s thinking to bat Pedro in the bottom of the order is to take pressure off him, but I actually think it’s tough for Pedro batting that low and not getting a ton of RBI chances. By batting him cleanup, he may embrace the opportunity of getting to drive in runs on a consistent basis. I know I’m stating the obvious, but if the Pirates want Pedro to be that big time run producer, batting him seventh is not going to give him those chances to do so. It’s one thing if he were playing for the Yankees or Rangers who both have a ton of power and run producers in their lineup and batting him in the bottom of the order, but since the Pirates are sorely lacking power in the middle, how worse off are they? I’d like to see the Pirates consider this, because even if Pedro continues to struggle, at least they can say we tried every possible way of getting the most out of him.