Why I like Dale Jr. No 88

I like Dale. Junior because he is a very talented driver also a respected driver in the NASCAR circuit and on every NASCAR race that’s on me and my step father watch it and we both cheer for JR to win the race and me and when me and him watched our first race together and a couple minutes after he asked me “What do you like about JR buddy?” I said I like his driving skills and his car because it looks cool and he’s going really fast.  I was about 12 at the time. Ever since I watched Dale JR race I have been a NASCAR fanatic ever since.

Another reason why I like him is because he has an awesome racing team Called JR Motorsports which is runned by himself also he has awesome paint schemes and has awesome racing skills and when I saw him race himself into the Chase I was so happy me and my Step Father went to Barrie at the 400 Flea Market, he bought me my first NASCAR jacket.

Me and my step father both get along because we both like Dale JR and going to Sunset Speedway and we both like going fishing together and we both like NASCAR.