Panic and disgust.  That’s all I feel right now as a Boston Red Sox fan and the reason’s behind it are more than just the team on the field.

This is the worst September the Red Sox have ever had.  Starting the month the biggest question was would the Sox catch the New York Yankees and win the American League East, not the biggest question is how many fans will need to be talked down off the Tobin Bridge next week.

They have lost 16 of 19 games this month and let a nine game lead dwindle down to just 3 games with both the Angels and Rays fighting to take it away.

They have looked tense for most of the season.  It doesn’t even look like they are having fun.  Even Ric Flair visiting the clubhouse and presenting Dusty Two Sacks (thats Dustin Pedroia) with a replica TNA World Heavyweight Belt did nothing.

I was hoping Tim Wakefield’s agonizing quest for his 200th win was somehow the cause of the downfall and tat when he finally got it, the stress would go away and they could re-focus.  Instead all they have done is lose, and in a variety of ways.

Even the players seem to have completely thrown in the towel.  David Ortiz told Sox fans it was time to panic on September 12.

“If we keep on playing like that, we’ll be at home in October. ... At this point you panic. Hell yeah, you've got to panic at this point,” the slugger told reporters in St. Petersburg. “But you’re not going to do anything panicking but playing better. Of course you're freaked out. You go on this road trip 1-6, it’s not good. We've got [the Rays] breathing down our necks and we’re not in first place, either. We've got to play better.”

Carl Crawford wrote a blog post for ESPN where he apologized for having a terrible year.

“I want to end the diary saying something to the fans of Boston. I just want to say I’m sorry for the year I’ve had. You guys have been really supportive and I appreciate that. Hopefully when we get into these playoffs, I can be the real Carl Crawford that I know I am. We'll see.”

The general feel coming out of Fenway now that the end is growing closer is that they will just pull themselves out of it.  Stay the course and everything will turn out all right.

The biggest issue with this atrocity is the complete lack of caring at Fenway.  For the last two nights the Sox have blown late leads in the 8th inning.  On both occasions when the top of the 8th ended a terrifying sound could be heard rising from the ballpark.  Not boos...but singing and dancing as Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” was sung by a crowd of uninterested “Red Sox fans.”

Rule number one of being a sports fan is caring about the team and singing a song that has nothing to do with any sport at all when your team has just blown an 8th inning lead for the second straight night in games you need to win in order to make the playoffs, is nowhere in the fan handbook.  It was embarrassing to witness.  That should never happen.

This has been such a big issue that it has been a major topic of conversation over the few days for all of Boston media.  

As a true Sox fan its very hard to have any respect this team or the legion of fake fans that fill Fenway everyday.  I’m all set to just pull the plug on this team and hope a miserable finish to the 2011 season will empty out the bandwagon some.


To best relay how I feel listen to this Drunken Red Sox recap from 98.5 The Sports Hub morning show Toucher and Rich.  Warning it is very NSFW.