Why in the hell does everyone in the world seem to think that Chale Sonnen got screwed over? He knew full well what he was doing in the scheme. In fact he was one of the ringleaders is my understanding and knew full well that A this is illegal and B if he got caught what he’d lose. Like all criminals he thought of course that if he was really careful that getting caught was impossible. Well he got caught red handed and somehow people think that he’s entitled to sympathy hell even Dana White does.

I mean after he pleaded guilty to the charges of money laundering the worst that Dana White does is just SUSPEND him. If I was White and this is with all due respect to the man I would have taken his contract put in the shredder, rammed the shreds up where the sun doesn’t shine and thrown his ass out with the parting words of your fired. I mean people are wondering if the sponsors and the fans not if they’ll take him back but when.

Personally for me this guy didn’t just destroy his career like Ed Herman did he destroyed it but proceeded to piss on the ashes. This guy with his FELONY not only brought shame to the UFC and everything that MMA stands for. It also gave the people that hate MMA and want legislation to ban the sport, you know the people that think they’re all just criminals in the ring anyway more ammo than they could have gotten in their best wet dream.

Then there are people that say that well he still needs to make a living and MMA is all he knows or that the UFC should bring him back for one fight just so he can get on his feet. Well my answer is NO let him have the same chance that every other felon gets when they get out of prison. The UFC should stay as far away from this guy as possible. If for no other reason to protect the image of MMA as a real reputable sport with real athletes just so we don’t go back to the days where people thought that it was just legal bar fighting. Lastly to Sonnen would you kindly find some new venture in life and leave the sport that I love forever