The air in most homes and commercial buildings can start out as fresh as all outside. That is until the walls are erected and the drywall, itself, will contaminate the area with a toxic dust that does not help people trying to breathe. Any other construction will present other problems with air quality as well. The air conditioning system you have installed is supposed to deal with all of this. The air duct cleaning Burlingame professionals provide will see that they stay in peak working order.

All of the contaminants that can harm people will come in from the outside. This is that dirt, dust and allergens that flow freely on the wind that comes in through the door and open windows. It will get spread through the structure from pets, people, packages delivered and concealed in clothing. In offices it will cause more sick time off requests.

All of this is supposed to be drawn into the air cleaning system you have installed, however, it is not all filtered out. Allergens, germs and all of the regular dust and dirt can get into the system and, combined with any moisture present or introduced, will get stuck inside. This material will coat the sides, connectors, motors and filters.

The air ducts can become so compacted with materials that they will not work properly. Moisture will make all of this contamination very hard to move and, until something dislodges it, it stays there waiting to move out to some other area. Food processing plants, battling with bacteria all of the time, should not have to suffer cross contamination from another area, so these must be cleaned on a regular basis.

The trained professionals who perform this work are available and should be contacted for this cleaning. They should be associated with one or more of the professional certification organizations, such as the NADCA. This National organization will help you feel comfortable about the work performed by their members as they require strict adherence to professional standards.

The first task they will perform will be an inspection. This is to analyze the content of the contamination and determine the appropriate chemicals needed to break it down. This inspection might use cameras to get a close look. It might also entail removing a portion of conduit for an even closer look. Analysis of the contamination, at a lab, may also be needed.

The actual cleaning can be something to look at as well. The work will probably begin with powerful air nozzles. These will injected into the ducting and air forced through this sealed piping. The dirty air, bringing with it as much of the debris as possible, will be collected outside of the structure. Brushes and the specialty chemicals indicated by the inspection will then be used to completely clean all residue.

The work involved in the air duct cleaning Burlingame home and business owners need to have done on a regular basis is not something that should be put off for too long. When there are problems with this system, it will only get worse. The health and comfort of all who enter the structure is in the offing and only these professionals can see that it is taken care off.