Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Denver BroncosIt was always a possibility that Emmanuel Sanders would get and sign an offer sheet from the Patriots. That day hit this week. $2.5 million one-year deal. That's about $1.2 million more than the Steelers offered (since they stuck with the 3rd round tender number). The good news? The Steelers can probably match the deal and stay under cap. Even with rookie signings. It doesn't leave room for much else without some more major contract restructures, but it can be done.E88But will they? We'll know on Sunday - the deadline for the match. Less than 48 hours away if you are on the #FrontOfficeWatch,There are many opinions on what the Steelers should do. I won't reinvent the wheel. You can check what my friends at Behind the Steel Curtain say, or check in with ESPN's Jamison Hensley for their opinions.I'm going to take a look at who is on the roster, right now, today, to catch the ball.First, Antonio Brown singed a long-term deal last year and all three of his seasons has contributed in a big way. While he didn't match his 1100+ yards from his second season last year, he was consistent on the field and had to be accounted for in defensive schemes. Let's be clear, while he too had some drops, there were problems all across the Steelers team that contributed to the 8-8 season. Meanwhile, Jericho Cotchery was a consistent playmaker in times of need. He's not the tallest or fastest player out there, but his experience allows him to make plays at the right time. And finally, Plax might have only had 7 receptions last season for 42 yards, but he's got four 1,000+ seasons in his career. Sure, he may have seen the best years of his career, but at his height and ability, he will still draw defenders.No, this isn't "Young Money" anymore. But it's not terrible. There are so many positions to address for the Steelers to be really viable for a Super Bowl run, you have to start somewhere. And there are a lot of receivers to be had typically starting in the 3rd round. Let's not forget that Limas Sweed was a second round pick and Antonio Brown was a 6th round pick and you know where each of those got us. I expect the Steelers to draft at least 2 receivers this year. Especially if we pick up the Pats 3rd round pick.**Along with the starters, there are a couple other wide receivers listed on the roster, though primarily on practice squad:David Gilreath (Wisconsin)Kashif Moore (Connecticut)Derek Moye ( Penn State and he's 6'5")Bert Reed (Florida State)I'm not even going to guess as to whether they are on the final roster at the end of August, but hopefully at least one of them have adapted and can contribute on the 53 man roster. Remember that Isaac Redman started his career with the Steelers on the practice squad and he's done well since. Another reason I can't speak to their abilities is that I don't remember seeing any of them but maybe Gilreath play a down. (And I have missed training camp, where I would get a better sense of their ability, the last two years because of the kid's football schedule)The bottom line is while they might not look like a Super Bowl bound team today, the Steelers could still reach success. If they begin to fill the holes this draft, by next year the Steelers will certainly be in a good position to make a run.Key grabs would be a safety, a couple good wide receivers, linebackers and a back up QB and somewhere a running back.But don't write off the receiving corps quite yet. While Sanders youth might be missed if they played today, seems like there might be a receiver in the draft who could be ready to contribute right away.If you had to choose a wide receiver at the draft, who would you choose? And what round?  **Note that if the Pats give up their 3rd round pick that leaves them with a first, second and two seventh rounders. CRAZY. That's the least amount of picks I think I have ever seen them deal with.