I had the honor of interviewing a fine young man named Matt Grice. Not only is Matt an MMA fighter; he is a father, husband, and a police officer in his local community.

The determination and drive to succeed just emanated from his voice as I was asking him questions on the show. You could hear the love for his family and the passion to make it as a champion in the UFC. I have no doubt in my mind he will get there one day.

For those of you who do not know who Matt is I will give you a little of his background history.

Matt was born in 1981 and grew up to become a 4-time Oklahoma State Wrestling champion at Harrah High School.

He was the most recruited wrestler at his weight class in the nation out of high school. Matt chose to attend theUniversity of Oklahoma for his collegiate career.

Unfortunately Matt was involved in an automobile accident which required many surgeries and it cut his college career short.

Did that stop him? Hell No! He went on to fight in X-1, Freestyle Cage Fighting, Ultimate Texas Showdown and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In 2007 he put his career on hold to secure a future for his family. He joined the police academy which put his fighting career on hold for a year and a half.

Not only does Matt have a heart of a lion and champion fighter he has a heart of gold. He understands the importance of securing a future for those who love and support him the most. At 29 years old he is still a young athletic man. But he understands he won’t be able to fight forever.

The career path he chose I believe say’s a lot about his character. He went into a profession where he puts his life on the line on a daily basis to help his community.

After coming out of the police academy he showed his drive once again. He went on the local Oklahoma fight circuit and won 4 fights in a row to show the UFC he was still in shape and ready to take on any Featherweight at 145 lbs they wanted to put in front of him. It worked!

On June 26th, 2011 Matt Grice has a bout VS Ricardo Lamas in Pittsburg, PA at the Consol Energy Center on the UFC on Versus 4 fight card. Lamas is from Chicago and has an overall record in MMA of 9-2 (4-2 WEC).

Like many other times in his life Matt is considered an underdog in this fight. I asked him how he felt about that on the show today. He said he prepares for a fight the same way whether he is the favorite or underdog. Once the bell rings its time to fight!

This fight card will be shown on the Versus network. I don’t know if it will make live TV. But I promise you that Matt will put on a show. He knows no other way.

When talking to him earlier we talked about his progression as a fighter and what he brings with him to the UFC the second time around. He insured me that he is a more dedicated fighter this time around.

Making sure he is constantly in reach of 145 lbs keeps him driven to his training program. He is eating right and taking care of his body more.

He has trained hard and his submission game has improved over years past. He is in the best shape of  his life and in my opinion ready for any battle thrown at him.

He has learned the patience of fighting a fight plan. He also trains and is a natural athlete that can adapt to another plan if the one he brought to the fight is not working.

The second coming of Matt Grice  brings the same grounded fighter with a strong wrestling background. A renewed self-discipline which drives him to succeed everyday. A love for his family that will never be broken. A dedication to his community that is an example for young men and women everywhere.

No matter the outcome of this fight on June 6th, 2011 I have been blessed to talk to an outstanding role model for our society. I have been able to introduce him to you through these words.

I am forever a better man for meeting and getting to know Matt Grice.