The expected has finally happened. After putting up a decent run on the NFC East for a playoff chance, the Giants are officially out of the playoff run. This comes as no surprise since they started the season with a horrible 0-6 run. This past weekend, there were 90 touchdowns and it set a new record for the NFL. The Giants only had two of those touchdowns. Ponder on that for a moment and just forget about it.

You may be wondering why this article is being released today and not Monday. There are a few reasons. On Monday, it was too soon to remind fans of the failure Sunday’s game was because with that loss, the hopes of a playoff chance were gone. However a Cowboys loss on Monday Night Football made Giants fans all sorts of happy on Tuesday. It’s also mid week, which means that by now, you have forgotten about it and you’re anticipating Sunday’s game versus the Seahawks. Also, you may be busy being angry at other things like the Knicks, Sons of Anarchy season finale, the upcoming winter finale of Scandal, or the cold weather in your area.

            In a “winnable” game, the Chargers won 37-14. It was, yet again, another tough game to watch, as the Giants offense didn’t deliver. The defense was also non-existent.

            Eli Manning threw 2 interceptions on Sunday and this, sadly, is quite familiar to viewers. Philip Rivers, the Chargers quarterback, was quite good on the field as he led his team to this victory. Rivers made the Giants secondary look like a joke. With this Chargers win, San Diego keeps its hope of a playoff appearance alive.

            On a somewhat positive note for the Giants, Justin Tuck had 2 more sacks and his total numbers increase to 6 sacks in the past seven days. Hakeem Nicks also ended his day with 5 catches that totaled for 135 yards. The 49ers victory over the Seahawks also played a factory because they eliminated the Giants from the wild card contention.

            With a quick glance at the NFC East, one can see that this division belongs to the Eagles. Their upcoming schedule is fairly easy for the rest of December. It’s all clear for the Eagles to claim the division that should’ve been claimed by the Giants weeks ago.

            Sunday’s game versus the Seahawks will be another tough one to watch for Giants fans. This doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be watched. The Seahawks have so much talent that you virtually can’t change the channel. Just pray for them to be gentle with the Giants, pun not intended.