When searching for the most effective termite treatment Atlanta presents the best location to give first consideration. Termites are capable of causing considerable amount of destruction to property if proper control is not taken of them. Treatment of termites comprises a lot of activities including detection, elimination, and prevention. Prevention is the best measure to take when constructing a new house because detection can be a little difficult especially if the insects are operating underground.

Prevention is a better way but it is more effective if one is aware of what attracts termites to a location. These insects are lured to places with water and food. Their food includes building refuse, stumps, timber stacks, garden decorations like sleepers and logs. Removing or keeping such materials in safe places may reduce the chances of infestation. The margins of the home must be kept free from clutters like garden beds or vegetation.

Leaking water taps, sinks, showers, drains, and pipes should be repaired. Water from air conditioning units should also be captured and directed to a drainage system without leaking. Humid conditions seem to be preferred more by termites. Hence keeping air under the home dry through enhancing sub-floor drainage, ventilation, and access proper is paramount.

It is also a good idea to perform routine inspection around and within the house. Cooler regions should be checked once in a year whereas the warmer ones have to be inspected twice. The inspection works better when done during the seasons when termite-activity is highest. This comes during late summer and early spring. Seeking the services of certified pest controllers is probably a good idea here since they are trained in their work. A homeowner may however do more regular checks on their own.

When termite invasion is discovered, certain steps have to be followed. The first step is to determine the level to which the invasion has occurred. In case the colony can be identified, it becomes simpler to control it by killing the king and the queen. The other alternative would be to cure all the wood around and within the house. Constructions that need to be made close to the soil can be performed using resistant wood. Resistant wood is one that cannot be damaged by insects like termites.

Another way to treat termites is to construct barriers. Barriers could either be chemical or physical. They are constructed around the property to impede the insects from getting through. Physical barriers can be constructed from concrete or metal, which the insects are not capable of chewing through. Barriers made of chemical entail spraying chemicals particularly insecticides on foundations to resist penetration.

Chemicals can also be placed in baits or dust for the insects to transport the active ingredient back to the colonies. Once the active ingredient is in the colonies, it is shed and spread to the other members together with the queen and the king. This may kill the whole colony if the active ingredient is transported in large quantities.

Main active ingredients incorporated in current pesticides include Fipronil, Imidacloprid, Chlorpyrifos, Deltamethrin, and Bifenthrin among others. They are very efficient at their work and may be acquired from the shops. Therefore, whenever in necessity for termite treatment Atlanta is the location to consider first.


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