Knowing that one has clean healthy O2 circulating through the ventilation systems of homes and businesses should be a focal point for any property owner. But maintaining this safe healthy environment, especially in air conditioned environments is not easy. That is why one will need to call on expert cleaners from air duct cleaning Channelview companies, in order to safely maintain this area of their premises.

These ventilation and extraction ducts that run throughout a building is an ideal place for bacteria and deadly mould to grow. The warm, moist, dark condition present in these ducts is exactly what the harmful spores need to regenerate. When one considers this fact, it actually becomes a life or death situation if vents are not cleaned on a regular basis as these lethal spores are then circulated into the building.

One commonly found term nowadays "sick building syndrome" refers to air conditioned offices or big buildings where people are found to constantly be ill. Most illnesses encountered will be URT illnesses such as pneumonia, bronchitis, allergies and asthma. Nearly all of this respiratory sickness is caused by unhygienic conditions found within the ducting systems that may have been neglect for several years and most have deadly black mildew and mould spores present.

Similar cases are found in homes; here there is the additional threat presented by dryer extraction ducts. Over lengthy periods these ducts get blocked with lint and fluff build up which poses a much larger threat. This lint or fluff is extremely combustible and when the exact amount of built up pressure and static is present, it will ignite.

Not only will devastating losses occur from fire, but these driers will also draw a vast amount of additional energy. It is vital that the firms are qualified and fully equipped to clean ducts. Most firms willing give free comprehensive on site quotations; and use small cameras to assess the scope of work.

The benefit of the camera is that clients are also able to see what state their ducts are in before and after the clean up process. In order to rid the ducting and ventilation systems of dirt and mould etc, these firms make use of large hoses attached to powerful vacuums. Thus all the grime is sucked out; then it is followed up with an anti-bacterial procedure which kills off all the mould and mildew spores.

It is advised that this process be repeated every six months or sooner for commercial or older buildings. Filter covers and filters are also changed during these visits. Noticeable signs of dirty ducts are musty smells, dirt on vents and signs of recurring illness.

Truthfully, these vacuuming procedures will certainly not remove each and every tiny dust particle. But one thing it certainly will do is ensure circulation of clean oxygen; the air duct cleaning Channelview firms offer gives one the knowledge that no deadly mold spores or bacteria are being inhaled. Thus this task should be a number one priority on every maintenance list.