When in need for the services offered by a psychiatrist Orange County presents the best solution someone can ever receive. A psychiatrist refers to a medical practitioner whose specialty is in psychiatry. Psychiatry is a field of medicine that is devoted to the prevention, treatment, study, and diagnosis of mental disorders. This field deals with cognitive, behavioral, affective, and perceptual abnormalities. The term was first coined in 1808 by some German physician.

Psychiatrists also get visits from patients for diagnosis and treatment. A visit begins with a psychiatric assessment. The analysis starts with compilation of case histories and an assessment of the mental status. Physical examination and/or psychological tests might also be performed, including at times use of neurophysiological and/or neuroimaging techniques.

Mental disorders get diagnosed according to a criteria provided in diagnostic manual. Such manuals comprise the mostly utilized DSM, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The DSM manual was initially published by the APA American Psychiatric Association and ICD International Classification of Diseases. This manual was however edited and adopted later on by the World Health Organization WHO. From the first publishing, the manual has gone through many revisions with latest versions being released periodically.

Psychiatrists employ research from various fields including medicine, neuroscience, psychology, pharmacology, biochemistry, and biology. However, this field has been portrayed as a middle ground by most major practitioners. It comes between neurology and psychology. These practitioners differ from others in that they focus on the application of doctor-patient relationships. They are schooled to different levels in utilization of therapeutic and/or psychotherapy communication techniques.

Psychiatric practitioners go through the same training as any other medical specialists. The chief and only unique training they have is during residency training, which takes 3-4 years. During that time, they are trained exclusively about psychiatry. Similarity in schooling with the other specialists endows them with sufficient knowledge to be capable of performing other responsibilities that can be carried out by other physicians. These responsibilities include conducting physical examinations, ordering laboratory tests, prescribing medication, and counseling patients.

Psychiatrists work with a code of conduct, which governs their behavior and ethics when working. The code was initially written in 1977 but has been revised over the years. This code includes things like sex selection, research ethics, patient assessment, confidentiality, up-to-date knowledge, the death penalty, and human dignity of incapacitated patients. Others include organ transplantation, torture, media relations, and cultural and/or ethnical discrimination.

There are many subfields a psychiatrist can choose to major in. The major fields include addiction, biological, community, cross-cultural, emergency, forensic, geriatric, liaison, military, and social psychiatry. Addiction psychiatry concentrates on analysis and treatment of people with drug, alcohol, or other substance-related problems. Emergency psychiatry deals with clinical application of the field during emergency situations. Biological psychiatry is a branch that aims at understanding mental conditions in terms of biological functions of nervous systems.

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