When in need of carpet cleaning Walnut Creek homeowners can either rent equipment and do it themselves or hire a professional service. For many people it is preferable to hire a company for this purpose as it means less work on their part and usually a more thorough cleaning. It's important to first make sure the company chosen will do a quality job and not cut corners so knowing what to look for when making this decision is necessary.

If one knows someone who has dealt with a service they would recommend, this is the best assurance of a positive experience, but if this is not possible one can search online or in the local phone directory. It's best to choose two or three companies and look them up with the Better Business Bureau, if they check out favorably, call them to find out more.

The customer should find out how long the company has been around for and how well trained their technicians are, it is reassuring to know the work being performed by skilled professionals whose company has a high standard of service to their name. It's also important to find out what their price per square foot of carpeting is and which services are included so one can compare this quote against other companies and find the best deal.

A professional service will send a representative to the customer's home to perform a "carpet audit" before any work is done. This consists of evaluating all carpeting needing cleaning according to its fiber type, expected drying time, and if it has any existing stains. This assessment will enable the company to provide the customer with an accurate price quote and expectations.

The customer must request proof of insurance to cover any possible damage which may occur during the cleaning procedure. A good company should be responsible for moving the client's furniture as part of the services rendered, but small and fragile items should be removed by the customer before the company arrives. There should also be money-back satisfaction guarantee provided.

Vacuuming the carpets before cleaning is necessary to avoid dirt being ground into the fibers and thus defeating the purpose. The company should perform this task, and more specifically they must do so using HEPA filter vacuum equipment in order to meet industry standards.

Today, most companies are required to only use biodegradable, "green" products to clean carpets. Besides being safe for the environment, the solvents and detergents used need to be appropriate for the particular type of carpeting being cleaned since their care requirements can vary.

With regards to stain removal during professional carpet cleaning Walnut Creek clients must agree upon these terms with the company beforehand. In most cases, the service will state a flat price for eliminating stains and will usually only charge if it is successfully removed. Guaranteed odor removal may be offered as well but this can often end up being more effectively solved by replacement.