Whatever be the season, a pair of sunglasses is vital to protect the eye from the harmful UV rays of the sun and/or from chilly windy conditions. This is so much more vital for all those athletes, (professional or not) as, a good pair of sunglasses helps them in enhancing their performance. The sports world is all too familiar with the Oakley m frame sunglasses. After all, Lance Armstrong, Brian Lara, and Tony Gwynn have all relied on the superior technology and design of this brand of sunglasses to sustain them through gruelling matches and marathons!

While it's true that Oakley m frame sunglasses have become synonymous with the sports world, they have been extensively used in the fashion world and Hollywood too! Who can forget Tom Cruise with his sleek, masculine wrap around Oakley m frame sunglasses in Mission Impossible 2? Go ahead and emulate this global super star in the Oakley Path wrap sunglasses made available at an affordable 155 dollars. The lenses are smudge resistant - meaning no oil, rain or sweat can stain them. Incorporated with the Oakley High definition optics these lenses come in a variety of colours. That's not all - every frame comes with two sizes of nose pieces to help you customize the fit. So the next time you ride that bike, stay ahead of the competition in your stylish Oakley sunglasses!

Oakley's Cross hair Pewter / black Iridium sunglasses at 135 dollars from Aviator Oakley m frame sunglasses is a winning combination of technology and trendy looks. The aviator sunglasses once a rage of the 80's, still finds a place in the ever changing fashion scene. Once again, made famous by Tom Cruise in the cheap oakley sunglasses outletmovie Top Gun, they are worn to date by Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie. YOU, can also savour all the attention from the opposite sex in the Oakley Cross hair Pewter Iridium sunglasses, even if you are not a fighter pilot! Made from the patented C5 metal alloy frame, Oakley plutonite poly carbonate lens, these feather light sunglasses afford 100% protection from UV rays. The Iridium lens coating reduces the nasty glare and balances light in bright sun. So, if you are a die hard fan of aviator style sunglasses, this model is the apt choice which combines classic and trendy!

Own a piece of history when you buy the Oakley m frame jawbone sunglasses from black Oakley m frame sunglasses. Worn by the seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, these glasses are the special edition model from Oakley. Oakley and Lance Armstrong foundation have teamed up together in their fight against cancer and every time you buy this model, you are contributing 20 dollars to the Armstrong cancer foundation. What a great way to combine charity and gift for Christmas! Priced at 205 dollars it has the words LIVESTRONG etched at the edge of the interchangeable lens. The high definition optics optimizes clarity even at the peripheral vision area. The light weight O MATTER frame comes in black and yellow to match the colours of the Armstrong foundation logo.

How often have we seen high society socialite Paris Hilton in her oversized, thick white frame sunglasses? For those of you who love the likes of a square frame here's the Oakley oil rig white sunglasses from white Oakley m frame sunglasses. Show off your attitude with these fashion forward sunglasses which do not compromise on your eye protection. High definition optics maintain clarity of vision throughout the curvature of the lens. Made of light weight O MATTER frame, these glasses are for the leaders amongst you!

If you think the athletic looking Oakley m frame sunglasses are for men only, think again. The women's Oakley m frame sunglasses squashes this notion. A favourite brand of Nicole Kidman who believes in fashion with eye protection Oakley has some very feminine collections such as the Oakley Enduring Pace-Breast cancer edition. An ivory white frame with pale pink lenses, available at an affordable 165 dollars, these ultra feminine, chic shades are for the urban woman who dares to be different!

Oakley m frame glasses are unchallenged in their superior styles and eye protection technology. Ranging from athletic to trendy, glamorous and ultra modern, Oakley m frame sunglasses make a powerful fashion statement.

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Now you already know additional in relation to selecting sporting events sun glasses, is just not this occasion that you choose to received many greater types?

Oakley sponsored Sam Stosur can attest to the winning edge of her Oakley sunglasses with her great results at the French and US Open this year. Oakley has long been a leader in polarized sports sunglasses and Sam's sunglass of choice is the 'Commit' and the 'Fast Jacket' but has been seen wearing many other styles.