Excess skin and fat is removed during a tummy tuck Atlanta procedure. The muscles underneath the skin and fat will be tightened during the procedure. This will provide you with a slimmer waist and a firmer, flatter abdomen.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet is often not the only way to obtain a stomach that bulges. Sagging skin and a bloated tummy may be the result of pregnancies. It can also cause the abdominal muscles to separate.

Your surgical practitioner will speak to you about your objectives and concerns during your initial consultation for a tummy tuck Atlanta. It may be necessary for you to provide the doctor's rooms with a detailed medical and medication history. The entire procedure will be explained to you and the surgeon will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the available options.

If you suffer with a bulge in your abdomen, loose tummy muscles and sagging skin, you will have to undergo a full tummy tuck. It will be necessary for general anesthetic to be used during this procedure. Your surgeon will make a suitable incision from hip to hip, across your lower abdomen and above your pubic area. Thereafter, the fat and the skin will be lifted from the wall of your abdomen. Your surgeon will use permanent stitches to tighten the abdominal muscles. In cases where there is a hernia present in the abdominal wall, it will undergo reparation during surgery.

The extra skin and fat present is removed after completion of the muscle tightening process. The skin is then gently replaced over the abdominal muscles. During the procedure a few tubes are inserted below the incision to allow for drainage and to prevent the buildup of excess fluid. The incision is closed using careful stitching to prevent excess scarring. The incision will be covered using sterile dressings. A compression garment will normally be placed around your midriff to help during the healing process. The garment will reduce the bruising and swelling that is commonplace after major surgery.

The procedure is usually carried out on an outpatient basis. This implies that you will be able to go home a few hours after the surgery. In the event that you choose to have additional procedures done with the tummy tuck, it may be necessary for you to remain in hospital overnight.

Your doctor will normally prescribe painkillers after the procedure. He or she may provide you with an On-Q pain pump which is a new method of pain control. In this case you will not be required to take painkillers as the pump will automatically dispense painkilling medication to your body. It is not advisable to undertake any strenuous activities after this procedure. No heavy lifting or exercise is to be done for a minimum period of three weeks after the operation. The compression garment has to be worn for a period of six weeks after the procedure. Your surgeon will remove the drainage tubes after approximately ten days as long as the level of drainage is low.

There are risks linked to undergoing a tummy tuck Atlanta, as with all major surgery. General anesthetic can cause problems, as can blood accumulation. It may be necessary for additional drainage to be done surgically and there is a risk of infection. You may experience bad scarring and slow healing. If all goes well, you will definitely see an improvement in the tone and shape of your abdomen and waist.

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