As millions, uh... thousands... uh hundreds of Mets fans around the world wait for the inevitable in what is expected to be released in a statement today, I wonder what will today and the future hold for this team?

I think most of us here, including myself, had expected 2014 to be the year all along.  When Sandy came in the Mets organization was in complete shambles.  The MLB team was full of overpriced under performing players while the minor leagues had basically been abandoned in a win now culture that had started after the Mets narrowly missed the World Series in 2006.  Since that point the Mets had went from a team with a dominant future to one doomed to rebuild. 

In July of 2011, Alderson was able by many accounts to steal Wheeler from the Giants giving the Mets a 1-3 future punch of Harvey, Wheeler and Niese (whom he locked up long-term).  In December of 2012, Alderson also managed to deal Dickey for a package not only to include the catcher we desperately needed, as the entire farm seemed void, but also Noah Syndergaard whom paired with the previous three and the developing Rafael Montero gave fans hope that perhaps 2014 was indeed the year to turn our hopes into reality.  

And down goes Harvey, down goes Harvey...

So what does today hold?  If they come out and say he is to have surgery, will the Mets fold up the tent and look towards 2015?  Will they replace him with a veteran starter and proceed with the plan?  If they come out today and say that he can recover from this and will postpone any thoughts of surgery, are we looking at another Johan situation where our ace is always in question and come spring training must be pushed back and eventually shut down? How will that impact the decision making?  Will they look for an insurance swing man and then follow one of the two plans above?

It's hard not to become demoralized as Mets fans in this era.  While we will all wait and expect the worst, it's hard to remember that the Mets still have a family of followers that have drawn close over the years because of the highs AND lows that comes with being a fan.  I look at the Rays, who for all merits are an incredible franchise, in the middle of a tight race playing the Rangers at home in front of less than 11,000 fans. Do we appreciate being Mets fans enough, or do we wallow in our own self-pity a little too much?  Or is that what makes us Mets fans?