With the NFL season in full swing, ladies love to support their favorite teams and look great at the same time. With the increase in marketing to lady football fans, our options have grown every year and I love every minute of it! Here are some of my fave sites that you may or may not know about. But I'm always here to help:


Meesh and Mia

I found out about this site from my fellow blogger Tamara from Blitz and Glam. This site gives you the feminine side for your NFL look. Going to a fundraiser for your favorite player? This is the site you go to.

Celebrity and fellow Ravens fan Stacy Keibler has paired up with the site to create her own line of NFL apparel. Their line very diverse in terms of charity event dressy, all the way to casual Friday attire. If you sign up to their newsletter, you can get 15% off your first purchase. Check out their website here.


Touch By Alyssa Milano


By now, most ladies know about this line. I can’t give it enough praise, but I will anyway! It’s a great line created by celebrity and sports fan Alyssa Milano. From the track jackets to the accessories, this is one of the sexiest lines for NFL fashionistas. I’m a fan of all things feminine, including showing off my shoulders, and Touch By AM gives us the perfect feminine twist. You can find the rest of her items here. But Jags fans a heads up! A ton of your items are on sale NOW! So hurry while you can!



More and more, some of our more noticeable department stores are offering NFL apparel. Places such as Sears, JCPenney and even smaller stores like Old Navy offer women’s gear for great prices. But I came across Kohl’s by mistake but I’m glad that I did. Out of all of the smaller department stores, Kohl’s has the most fashionable items available at a good price.

I was extremely impressed by the variety of things they offered. I ordered my first Ravens top from here for my upcoming trip to Miami and I can’t wait to wear it! Click here for more items from Kohl’s.

Other sites I love:

Football Fanatics has everything you're looking for. From Cowboys boots to underwear and their prices are very reasonable.

Junk Food Clothing has great tees for wearing on the weekends. They've recently teamed up w Kristin Cavallari but the jury is still in on her line (No bueno for me, tho).

VS Pink is well known but still a bit overpriced for my taste. However, if you love football + sequins, this is definitely the place for you!