I've got a naming problem. Back in '08 when Shawn Watson refused to label his "Nebraska offense" I took it upon myself to do the honors. Why? Because names matter. As I wrote then:

"College football is unique in that your offense is only as good as it's name. Nebraska spent 25 years being defined by "the option" and that's just one of many such examples. Most people could give you a team or coach associated with the Run and Shoot, the Pistol, the Fun 'N Gun, the Wishbone, the Flexbone, the Wing T, the Single Wing, the Spread Option and on and on. Hell, the Maryland I and the Notre Dame box even take the guesswork out of the equation. I would say that naming the new Nebraska offense is drastically important..."

Now we have a new name to consider in the Peso defense. At the risk of going...

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