We have all grown accustom to the regular Jets Training Camp plot lines. We know anytime we see the Jets mentioned on TV, part of the segment will be about the Jets QB battle. It is also quite likely that we will hear how their weapon-poor offense lacks play makers in the pass game. A third common plot theme of Jets coverage is how suspect Gang Green's Safety situation is. So I guess I better follow the game plan provided for me by the media elite, however I'm calling an audible on the line of scrimmage. I'll show you the same formation, but your going to see routes that you haven't seen before.
         If you are still reading this then you are likely either: a)A pretty big Jets fan, b)extremely bored, or c)all of the above. No matter what your reason is for reading this, hopefully you will have found what you were looking for. With that being said, how about we get things started?

*Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith QB Battle*

-Based on what I saw at training camp on Tuesday, Marty Mornhinweg was right in picking Sanchez to start tonights preseason game against the Colts. During 1 on 1 drills Geno and Sanchez both looked about equal, with each of them throwing a lot of good balls but also missing a couple as well. Team drills were where Sanchez separated himself from the young rookie. Geno put an end to any early talks of him pitching perfect game when he threw an interception against the Jets 2nd string defense. Sanchez on the other hand appeared to be in command of the West Coast Offense, connecting on four of the short and precise throws that Mornhinweg is known for loving. 

-After practice was over, it was extremely refreshing to see something you never would have heard about unless you were Jets Camp. While the rest of the team was removing their pads and heading back to the locker room. The quarterbacks stayed on the field to run full field sprints. 

*The Weapon-less Jets*

- The entire sporting world seems to picture the Jets Offense as a gang heading into a gun fight with only their fists to protect them. This is as ridiculous a statement as if people were to say that the Jets had the best receiving core in the NFL. Gang Green certainly isn't blessed with a wide variety of proven targets, but they are by no means devoid of talent. Here's a look at the players with enough raw talent to actually form a pretty decent receiving core:

  1. Jeremy Kerley was forced to play out of position as the #1 receiver for most of last year, but he still managed to put forth a quietly impressive season. He totaled 56 catches for 827 yards, doing so with a 14.8 YPC. If he isn't forced to play out of position, Kerley has the potential to be a top 5 slot receiver. 
  2. So far this training camp Stephen Hill absolutely looks the part of a high school sophomore who finally grew out of his awkward phase. He ran very crisp routes, often burning past his defender during 1 on 1 drills. He even did his best Megatron impression coming down with a Hail Mary thrown by both Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith. If his level of play continues into the season, the NFL could be in for a big surprise.
  3. Despite failing to make significant contributions with San Francisco and Seattle the past two years, Braylon Edwards proved he can still get open and catch balls with his 10 catches in the last three Jet games of 2012 season. After showing up to camp in his best shape since his early days in Cleveland, Edwards could be in for a bit of a resurgent year. However, his biggest impact may in fact come off the field. As an elder statesmen among Jets skill players, he has the ability to become a much needed leader, especially when it comes to Stephen Hill. With their similar shape and playing style, Braylon Edwards could prove to be a much needed mentor to the young receiver.
  4. Clyde Gates and Ryan Spadola look very promising at times, flashing great speed, running crisp routes and showing great hands. However they are both guilty of making careless errors, like the occasional drop or running a lazy pattern. Santonio Holmes is yet to practice and will likely miss significant time.

*NonSaftey Concerns*

Despite his late draft pick, Antonio Allen was an incredible talent coming out of South Carolina. With respect to his lack of experience in coverage, Allen fell to the Jets far later then a player of his run playing ability should have gone. I still see Allen as a the player I saw him as the day he was drafted. A young unproven Laron Landry. He possess incredible instincts against the run, but yet struggles at times against the pass. If Allen does join Laron's brother Dawan as a starting safety, the two could make up quite the intimidating tandem