I almost choked when I read through the Montreal vs Winnipeg box score tonight. I was happy first off as it read 7-3 Montreal and I was thankful that Price finally got me a Fantasy victory. When I looked into it more though, I was shocked. Lars Eller scored four goals and threw in an assist for good measure. Lars Eller!! The man with 13 career goals heading into this one, not in 4 games, but in 120 games! Inconceivable. Do I rush out and add him to my roster? Of course not.

Before doing anything rash ... consider that this monumental performance tonight gives Eller 8 goals on the year in 37 games. Not bad, run of the mill for a center. He gets between 15-16 minutes of ice time, is not featured that often on the top power play line, so there really is no reason to get too excited, but 4 goals is pretty damn cool. It just does not happen too often. Unless I am forgetting someone, I believe this is the first time it's been done this season.

Eller scored an unassisted goal in the 1st period to start things off for his special night. He then really got things rolling in the 3rd. With Montreal up 3-2, Eller potted one from Moen and Kostitsyn just two minutes in. Just 50 seconds later he had his hat-trick, just 28 seconds mind you after Cammalleri scored, so the Habs now found themselves up 6-2 just like that. Eight minutes later, Eller was awarded a penalty shot and found the net for the 4th goal on the night, and the home fans got to go home seeing something special.

Oh ... he picked up the assist on a Tomas Kaberle goal. A Kaberle goal??? When does that ever happen? Just such an odd night!

Congrats to the young Eller ... what an awesome night! Check out the goals below. Gives you a smile seeing how excited the 22 year old is after the hat-trick goal alone.