After being completely ripped apart by the Bruins last night the Leafs are 8 points out of 8th place with Washington beating Detroit last night. So whats next for them, do you try to make a final push for the playoffs or just tank the rest of the season and try to to get a decent draft pick. With Lupul out for mostly likely the rest of the season and Kulemin as well the leafs might as well just tank the season. Saying we tank the rest of the season and get a top 5 draft pick what does Burke do in the off season? We can clearly see how far the Leafs are from being able to compete for the Stanley cup. Do you try picking up a top line center or maybe Parise for the LW? With Grabovski signing for 5 Million it really does put a strangle on what Burke can do. Do we keep Gustavsson? He does become a UFA. If you guys want to talk about this just give me a follow @NHLNewsInsider. Thanks for reading!