The 2012 NFL season has been interesting for me, and my picks…it hasn't been in a good way unfortunately. I've taken my licks in the picks and last night I had the Denver Broncos to knock off New England, and if you watched the game you know it ended 31-21 New England after a rally from Peyton Manning and company that fell short in the fourth quarter.





One of the big reasons why the Pats were able to get the jump on the Broncos was the connection of Tom Brady to Wes Welker, which is possibly the most dangerous duo that the NFL has seen since Manning to Harrison. Last night Welker had 13 catches for a TD, with 8 of those catches coming in the first half. What makes Wes so dangerous is the fact that he's a speed bug, not very tall but he has the ability to just escape seemingly any would be tackler. He also makes DBs and anyone else trying to cover him pay if even for a second you take your eyes off of him because if you do he's in the end zone and the ball is in his hands. The dude is insane and maybe one of the greatest feel good stories in NFL history.


Welker was undrafted and in 2004 coming out of Texas Tech (after a spectacular high school career in Oklahoma) as a jack of all trades guy with the ability to play wide receiver, running back, defensive back, return kicks and punts as well as kicker. No word of if Wes is able to juggle while hopping on one leg though but I bet he could pick it up pretty quickly.

 Even after a solid college career with the Red Raiders where he won the Mosi Tatupi award in 2003 for the best special teams player in the NCAA he still wasn't even drafted or invited to the NFL scouting combine. A big hang up people had with him was size, at 5'9 and 185 pounds many still though he wasn't big enough to play in the NFL.

Since then he's done nothing but prove people wrong signing with the Chargers in 2004, and after a stint with the Dolphins (with Miami he became the 2nd player in league history to kick an extra point, and a field goal, make a tackle, return a kickoff and a punt) he landed with the Pats in 2007 and became one of their big targets.

Last year he led the league in receptions (the third time he's done it) with 122 catches and had 9 TD catches, one of them being a 99 yard TD catch tying the NFL record against the Miami Dolphins in Week 1.

Welker has also been named to four Pro Bowls, won the Ed Block Courage Award twice, and was named to the Patriots All 2000s team. Not bad at all.

The NFL is filled with players who have proven the doubters wrong and Wes is one of the greatest examples, it may seem corny but Adidas will enjoy it, Impossible is Nothing and that rings true 150% for #83 on the New England Patriots, no matter what team you cheer for you have to stand up and tip your cap to him for what he has done, I've had the pleasure thanks to of talking to Wes and he is also one of the most down to earth athletes that I have ever talked with. He's a man that you can't say a single bad thing about.

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