On Monday Giants Co-Owner John Mara said the team presented Victor Cruz with a very substantial offer before deciding to place him as a restricted free agent. After Wes Welker and Danny Amendola signed their deals this week Victor better take a serious look and consider the Giants offer.

Cruz has stayed healthy, is younger than the accomplished Welker and has put up much better numbers than the oft-injured Amendola. The Giants’ leading pass-catcher for the past two seasons, Cruz was reportedly asking at one point to be paid like a #1 receiver. And he’s put up the numbers. The 26-year-old came out of obscurity in 2011 to set a franchise record with 1,536 yards, and followed that up with 1,092 yards last season. But he primarily plays the slot which can't help his argument.

The Giants have the right to match any offer. The team will get a 1st round draft pick if Cruz signs somewhere else. The St Louis Rams and Minn Vikings have been potential suitors of Cruz.

“We hope that at some point we’ll be able to reach a long-term agreement with him, but we’re just not there right now,” Mara said earlier this week. “Certainly we’re taking a risk, but we would still have the right to match, No. 1. And if we decided not to do that, we’re getting a first-round draft pick out of it. So, yeah, it is a risk for us and he is an exciting, dynamic player and it’s not going to shock me if he gets an offer.”

Mara wouldn't get into dollars and numbers but he said the Victor Cruz offer was very "substantial" and would make the young kid known for his salsa dancing a "very rich man." Cruz’s tender is worth $2.879 million.

“He’s been a great player for us,” Mara said. “Like we do with all of our players, there’s a limit as to how far we’re going to go on a contract because you’ve got to pay 53 (players). If the money goes over that limit, then we have to make a decision. If someone wants to make him an offer, we’ll evaluate whether it makes sense for us or not. My hope is that he’s a Giant for many years.”

Do you think that a team will step up and give Victor Cruz the big bucks?