Welcome to Canton's Corner. I'll be looking at NXT & Smackdown this week. I was going to write about TNA a bit too, but I've decided to write a full column about TNA on Thursday of next week, so if you're looking for my thoughts on their improved show (it is getting better) then look for that during the week.  I'm in a bit of a rush due to some festivities this weekend, so this might be shorter than my usual CC column. 

Before we get to the writing part of the column, I did a one hour interview with a very enjoyable Scottish podcast known as Inside The Ropes. The interview was conducted prior to this past Monday's Raw, so we talked about No Way Out quite a bit. The link for Inside The Ropes with me is RIGHT HERE.  It's on ITunes too if you want to get it that way. Just click that link for the details. We had a lot of fun and talked about The Great Khali a little too much haha. Thanks to Kenny and Rob for having me on. It was a lot of fun.   

My Random Thoughts on the New Season of NXT 

This past week the new season of NXT started to air everywhere (it seems) except in America. It's shown on The Score here in Canada at 5pm and 8pm on Thursdays, so I'll be able to see it although I think it's moving to Friday soon. I know it's in the UK too. For the Americans out there, best thing to do is search for "wwe NXT 06 20 12" and you should find it. I'm not posting direct links here, but if you look it's out there. I'm not here to review the whole show. I do have some quick thoughts on it. 

- I like the set. It's a small venue (even smaller than TNA's), but it works for what the show is supposed to be. 

- The video packages introducing some of the talent were well produced. They weren't too long and got the point across. 

- Dolph Ziggler's brother is an interviewer named Briley Pierce. He looks exactly like him except with brown hair. 

- I'm impressed by The Ascension. The video package introducing them worked very well. Their tag match win was pretty good too. Much better use of that Conor O'Brian guy than when they were making fun of him for looking like a rat on NXT. 

- Too much Raw recap. We don't need those video packages on this show. 

- Husky Harris is gone. His new name is Bray Wyatt. The video they aired about him was interesting and showed me that he is somebody to keep an eye on. His look is unique and the promo they aired about him has me intrigued to see more of him in the future. 

- The commentary team of Regal & Ross is tremendous obviously. They actually call moves. They put over the talent in the ring by talking about their actual background. There's no bickering or stupid angles involving them. They're there to tell stories to the audience, which is what the announcers are supposed to do. 

- I've seen a bunch of Kidd/McGillicutty NXT matches. That was best match they've had and is around a four star match I'd say. It's 15 minutes of pure wrestling. MM was very good while dominating the majority of the match as the heel and Kidd's comeback was very exciting. I love Kidd's moonsault and they shot it from the back angle so it was like he was jumping into the shot. The Dungeon Lock finisher is outstanding too. Kidd's always been an elite worker. McGillicutty has improved since he was on NXT the first time around.