On June 7th of this year, the Oakland Athletics made a call up from Sacramento that gave this team something to be excited about. Mark Ellis landed on the 15-Day disabled list which gave fans the opportunity to finally see young second baseman Jemile Weeks. Weeks was the A's first round (12th overall) pick in the 2008 Major League Baseball Draft. The moment for me was one of the most exciting of the young season. And ever since then he has impressed everyone and turned alot of heads.

Weeks, a 2009 Arizona Fall League Rising Star, has added excitement to the fans, and an energy in an Oakland A's Clubhouse that needed that energy. He has played 17 games this season (including tonight) and has been the most consistant bat in the A's offense. He is batting .328 on the season. Out of his 21 hits he's collected 5 doubles, 3 triples (in which fans will wonder if his helmet will fly of his head). Once he gets on the bases he runs like the love child of Titans running back Chris Johnson and Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, with 6 steals in 8 attempts. The kid, in the words of RF Wiggi, is FAAAAAAAST! 

After a difficult streach the last 3 games, Weeks went 3-for-5 tonight with a big double and run scored in the 9th inning of the A's 4-1 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies. In the A's last win, 1-for-3 while walking twice, stealing base twice, and scoring three times in a 7-3 victory over the New York Mets. When Weeks has been on this season, the A's haven't lost! He is the spark-plug of the A's offense, and a pitchers worse nightmare when he gets on base with his speed. And he sure does make the A's gold jerseys look good (like the rest of the team when they rock the gold).

His season is still young. As well as his Major League career. There will be obsitcles in his path, Roy Halliday takes the mound tomorrow for the Phillies in the final game of the NL East road trip. But I really believe he will move into the Major League spotlight along side his brother, Milwaukee Brewers second baseman, Rickey Weeks. And if Rickey is giving him advice, it has been awesome advice! This rookie is making plays 10 year vets make (like the glove flip to start a game ending double play tonight). His defense has been phenomenal as well.

With the All-Star game less than three weeks away, you can count on a true debate this season on who should represent the green and gold in Phoenix, Az. Cahill has caught fire in the last two games and has been stellar all season. Gio Gonzales has been a victim of run support with a 6-5 record. But he does have an ERA of 2.96 while striking out 90 in 94 innings pitched. I know Weeks has played 17 games but if he plays through the All-Star Game while keeping his stats intact, he could make a run to Arizona.

With Mark Ellis adapting to a utility role, and playing very well at first, expect Weeks to be the A's second baseman for the remainder of the season. And if he keeps the numbers up, expect him to be in the running for the A's first possistion player to win Rookie of the Year since Ben Grieve in 1998. Jemile Weeks has a bright future ahead of him. And he gives fans a reason to feel that the future is bright for the Oakland Athletics.