The NFL season is half way done, and most teams have established just how good they are going to finish this year, and some have even been able to provide glimmers of hope for the future. But as the case in every year, there will be a number of teams who will have to start over next year with a new head coach.

So who are the coaches on the hot seat right now in the NFL and when what can they do to keep their job?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Gregg Shinano job was in danger the moment the season started. The Buccaneers have been awful this year, it started with the Josh Freeman fiasco and the woes still continue with their rookie quarterback Mike Glennon. Schaino must know his job is in danger, and Freeman was his last desperate attempt to revive the team and his job. Unfortunately for Schiano there aren’t many likely scenarios where he gets himself off the hot seat and returns next year. In fact he may be lucky to finish out this season as the coach.

Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier has the best running back in the game, and possibly one of the best ever to play in the NFL, yet his team has gone through three quarterbacks this season and after Sunday loss to Dallas his team is now 1-7. His heroics last year that gave the team a wild card berth and one of their best seasons in recent years feels like ancient history now. The team is quickly falling apart, especially on the defensive side of the ball where they are allowing 23 points per game; did we mention Frazier is supposed to be a defensive minded coach?

Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak has had one of the biggest disappointments this season, especially after their success in recent years.

This Sunday the team was in a game down to the wire against their old rival the Colts but at the same time there head coach collapsed leaving the field at halftime of the Texans' game Sunday night against Indianapolis and was taken by ambulance to a hospital.

Kubiak was hunched over and dropped to his knees at the 24 yard line and was immediately surrounded by medical personnel. He was lifted off the field on a stretcher and taken by cart to the ambulance. Our prayers and wishes are with him and his family.

But the last few weeks the team has had their share of horrendous play at the quarterback position, and the rest of the Texans seem to just no longer be on the same page. When Kubiak returns he may be just the coach to turn things around with Chase Keenum who showed some potential in the loss to the Colts City Sunday where he had a solid performance of a total of 350 yards passing and 3 touchdowns, but if the team can’t find a way to start winning games, Kubiak may be sent packing.

The Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith job may also be in jeopardy. The Falcons are having huge disappointing this season is the Falcons. Last season they finished with the best record in the NFL at 13-3, and many picked them to be in the Super Bowl this season, yet midway through the year they are 2-6 and don’t show any signs of turning it around.

But is one bad season that has been riddled with injuries enough to cause Smith to lose his job? It isn’t likely this season, but how much longer will Atlanta be happy with regular season success just to fail in the playoffs? Smith may be in danger of losing his job sooner than most would expect.             

There maybe a few other jobs up for grabs as the season comes to close do you have anyone in mind? Let us know!

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