By: Ben Lipson

Special to ProFootballGuru.com

Every week, SportsTradex hosts a free prediction game for a handful of key NFL matchups and previews the football weekend using numbers based on the opinions of a large fan audience.

Week 7 Key Matchups with current probability to win:

Bengals (45%) – Lions (55%)

Broncos (75%) – Colts (25%)

Texans (21%) – Chiefs (79%)

Vikings (26%) – Giants (74%)

Cowboys (60%) – Eagles (40%)

QB Shuffle: Both the Vikings and the Texans will travel for road games with new starting quarterbacks—Josh Freeman and Case Keenum respectively.  And the SportsTradex prediction data should temper expectations for their performances.  Both teams are given roughly a 1 in 4 chance of victory.  For the Vikings, that might be more surprising considering they meet the winless Giants on Sunday.  The Texans only announced their starting quarterback mid-week.  The unexpected decision to start Houston’s local hero was met with less enthusiasm nationally.  The Texans price plummeted from 37% to win to 21% after they named their new quarterback.

Home Disadvantage: The Eagles-Cowboys are playing for the lead in the NFC East.  The Eagles have not won a home game in over a year and SportsTradex predicts the Cowboys (60%) to win.  Both teams are 3-3 and home field theoretically favors the Eagles.  But fans, aware of Philly’s struggles at the Link, are actually leaning more heavily towards Dallas precisely because of the game’s location.  These streaks all must end eventually though.  With the Cowboys decimated by injuries, this week could be that time.

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