By: Ben Lipson

Special to ProFootballGuru.com

Every week, SportsTradex hosts a free prediction game for a handful of key NFL matchups and previews the football weekend using numbers based on the opinions of a large fan audience.

Week 6 Key Matchups with probability to win:

Packers (70%) vs. Ravens (30%)

Lions (60%) vs. Browns (40%)

Redskins (35%) vs. Cowboys (65%)

Patriots (40%) vs. Saints (60%)

Colts (62%) vs. Chargers (38%)

Lots Of Confidence: SportsTradex enters the weekend with a major favorite in all 5 of the featured matchups.  All 5 games have a team with at least 60% probability of winning according to the prediction data in the Week 6 game.  This is the first time all season that has occurred.  But this week, our predictions favor recent play above all.  Especially with respect to the Colts, the public has been impressed by their recent wins over San Francisco and Seattle.

Cowboy King In NFC East: Every year, we see the Jekyll and Hyde act from the Cowboys.  Against Denver in week 5, the Cowboys remained an underdog even throughout the 4th quarter…including while they led by a touchdown.  It is almost comical how the SportsTradex predictions expect late game failure from Jerry’s World.  But the Cowboys are considered the class of the NFC East.  They are 65% to win at home versus the Redskins.  And SportsTradex can deduce that no other NFC East team would be great than 35% to win a game against Dallas.  The Cowboys are the class of the weakest division in football.  Will that be enough of a test come playoff time?

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