Ok guys, I'm back ready to make my Week 5 picks via another article as I just can't seem to get the shows up and working. After going 2-1 again in Week 4 my picks now tally a 4-2 record since beginning picks in Week 3 and if you've gone with my picks you're up a nice 160%. If you have yet to get on the bandwaggon, hop on with my picks and get ready to make some money in Week 5!

In case you are not familiar I make three picks against the spread (no over/unders or props) each week with all of my spreads and odds coming via sportsbook.com. 

Here are my three Week 5 picks:

Atlanta Falcons (-3) over Cleveland Browns @x1.87

After just surviving San Francisco at home last Sunday this may seem like a skeptical pick to take Atlanta. Then when you also consider the fact that the Browns just defeated the Bengals at home this pick gets even scarier. 

That said, do not let these compounding effects stray you away from Atlanta on Sunday. If anything, the way each of these teams played last weekend is just shaving the handicap a little. 

Take Matt Ryan and the Falcons and feel pretty confident that they'll cover this spread in Cleveland.


San Diego Chargers (-6) over Oakland Raiders @x1.95

Coming off a dominant performance against the Cardinals, the Chargers will look to keep the good times rolling against their divisional rivals.

While the Raiders will probably be without Darren McFadden, the Chargers' backfield is getting healthier as Ryan Matthews should shoulder more carries this week and Tolbert has ran well all year. The combination of this and the always dangerous Rivers and Gates should be more than enough to earn San Diego a win of at least a touchdown.


New York Giants (+3) over Houston Texans @1.87

The Texans could be without Andre Johnson in this one and even if he does go, he will not be at full strength. The same can be said about Owen Daniels - who has been non-existent four weeks into the year.

Meanwhile, the Giants pass rush appears to be back after dominating the Bears' line on Sunday Night Football last week. The defensive pressure along with an offense that has looked better than the numbers suggest should be enough to beat the Texans. Even if the Giants cannot get the straight up win, the three points could come in handy in what should be a tight matchup.