By: Ben Lipson

Special to ProFootballGuru.com

The NFL season is reaching full stride.  Last week, SportsTradex focused on five key matchups. 

Week 4 Key Matchups with probability to win at kickoff:

Patriots (52%) vs. Falcons (48%)

Bears (50%) vs. Lions (50%)

Seahawks (62.5%) vs. Texans (37.5%)

Dolphins (44%) vs. Saints (56%)

Cowboys (50%) vs. Chargers (50%)

Let’s take a look at Week 4 results by the numbers for some interesting insight courtesy of predictions by the SportsTradex fan base.

Cowboy Woes: The Cowboys stock dropped steadily as kickoff approached.  The Cowboys should be the best team in an atrocious NFC East but they continue to underachieve.  The SportsTradex prediction data shows a lack of confidence in the Cowboys as the Chargers probability of winning rose prior to kickoff.  More significantly, Dallas chances continued to diminish in the 4th quarter.  Trailing 23-21 with the ball, Dallas fell to 25% as the pattern of late game failures took its toll   on “America’s Team.”  Will another season of mediocrity finally prompt changes in Jerry’s World?

4th And Goal: In Week 1, Atlanta faced a 4th and goal in New Orleans needing a touchdown to win the game.  They faced a nearly identical situation last Sunday night at home versus New England.  In Week 1, the SportsTradex market gave Atlanta a 60% chance of finding the end zone to win.  But the Falcons were only considered 40% likely to score this time around.  While both the Saints and Patriots remain unbeaten, New England’s defense is getting more respect.

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