By: Ben Lipson

Special to ProFootballGuru.com

The referees stole the show during a very exciting week of NFL action.  Here are some of the takeaways from live fan predictions in the SportsTradex week 11 game.

Week 11 Key Matchups with probability to win at kickoff:

Patriots (48%) – Panthers (58%)         Winner: Panthers

Chiefs (20%) – Broncos (80%)             Winner: Broncos

49ers (28%) – Saints (72%)                 Winner: Saints

Redskins (38%) – Eagles (62%)           Winner: Eagles

Ravens (35%) – Bears (65%)               Winner: Bears

Home Sweet Home Home teams went 5-0 continuing to prove that it is tough to win on the road in the NFL.  In key competitive games, fans tend to heavily weigh home field advantage.  Based on previous week matchups, SportsTradex concludes that the Panthers and Eagles would have both been underdogs if they were the road team versus their week 11 opponent.  Nevertheless, home field proved very valuable this week.

Saints Marching: The Saints stayed above 50% throughout the entire game versus San Francisco on Sunday.  Despite trailing late in the 4th quarter, the prediction market expected the Saints’ offense to finish strong.  While the 49ers' defense played tough, the 49ers' offense struggled yet again.  Fans did not think 20 points would be enough to hold on for victory.

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