In line with the discussion here on RAR and WAR earlier this week, Matt at Pittsburgh Lumber Co. runs the numbers using the CHONE projections and sees the Pirates as a 76 win team in 2010.

And speaking of CHONE projections, FanGraphs has made them available in easily digestible form on each of their player ages, right down to WAR projections for 2010. And for good measure, they also have an interesting interview with Sean himself.

Meanwhile, at Baseball Digest Daily, Dave Golebiewski looks at Ian Snell's fall from grace.

And at the Hardball Times, Jeff Sackmann looks at our ridiculous two-year roster turnover.

Meanwhile, former BCT and PiratesReport beat writer John Perrotto has himself an awesome new gig; editor-in-chief at Baseball Prospectus. It's well deserved, so a big congrats...

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