Tucson, AZ, 13-Mar-2013 - Best VPN For You and website owner Jason Kline are pleased to announce that VPN Speed Rankings and VPN Speed Comparison are available for readers. The website independently tested and verified speed comparisons form several products in order to rank them and present the unbiased information. When it comes to technology, privacy or internet security, the owners recognize the importance of research and documentation.

According to Jason Kline, commenting to an interviewer recently, "Based on feedback from our site users, we know that reliable and fast connection speed is a critical factor for people choosing a VPN service. Unfortunately there's no easy way for potential customers to compare without actually signing up and trying them out, so we took on the task of testing the services ourselves and comparing connection speeds side-by-side."

He further explained, "Rather than simply doing a typical bandwidth speed test, we believe our VPN speed test methodology is unique in that attempts to mimic the reality what an typical VPN customer might experience. We test several different global server locations using a comprehensive mix of peer-to-peer speed tests, download tests, streaming video tests, and bandwidth measurements."

The results of the testing procedures can be viewed by accessing the website. In addition to testing and ranking results, readers can track and utilize the helpful information about products and services for the most popular VPN items. The speed ranking information is presented in chart form for easy comparisons. The website information can be utilized to see the best VPN for various purposes, including which is the best VPN for security, anonymity, torrents, P2P, avoiding censorship, for Android, Mac, iPhone, iPad and for price.

Learn more about the efficiency of VPN speed rankings and VPN speed comparison numbers by going to the web pages at http://bestvpnforyou.com/vpn-speed-comparison/ today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the content of this press notice are invited to contact Jason Kline at the location described below.

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