Not saying Chris Webber's the NBA version of Jay Glazer, but he didoffer the following comment prior to tip-off on TNT tonight which sent twitter ablaze as the Cavaliers ran out to a 37-23 first quarter lead over the Orlando Magic:

"Kevin McHale actually called me when I was in the locker room getting ready for the show and said there may be a big trade coming for Cleveland and this might be the last time we see this starting line-up...I heard Troy Murphy"

Webber didn't say who the Cavs were supposedlylooking deal in order to pry the Pacers forward away from Indiana, but J.J Hickson currently starts at the position Troy Murphyplays.Not saying Webber meant that as a one-for-one swap, but if he did, count me as a guy who's opposed to trading J.J. Hickson at all for Troy Murphy. In fact,...

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