Sunglasses people out essential equipment, it can not only filter out the sun's ultraviolet rays, effectively protect the eyes, but also weakened the glare, gives a refreshing feeling. Many young people, especially young women, not only wear sunglasses, anti-ultraviolet radiation, also wearing cheap ray bans sunglasses as a fashion decoration. There should be and should not be wearing sunglasses, sure to attract attention when worn.
Of the eye health of people, summer is best to wear sunglasses, because the strong sunlight, the failure to take protective measures, can easily lead to cataracts. However, if the lens color is too deep because of blurred vision and affect vision, if the lens color is too light, ultraviolet can damage the eye through the lens. Therefore, should be allowed to choose sunglasses in summer between 15% -30% of visible light through the gray or green lenses, not only can resist ultraviolet, and depending on the material clarity, perspective also the smallest of changes in external objects color.
To wear ray ban outlet sunglasses for a long time, would produce symptoms of headache, dizziness, irritability, not long as serious will lead to vision loss, so experts suggest that people should need long-term wear sunglasses eyes checked regularly to the hospital. Driver while driving, wearing the discoloration sunglasses is not conducive to safe driving.
Cataract, keratitis, conjunctivitis, retinal detachment patients, wearing sunglasses can induce the disease as soon as possible to restore. Some eye disease patients, wearing sunglasses will not only fail to protect the eyes, but also to make eye diseases aggravated bring irreversible damage to the eyes. Such as people with glaucoma need bright light, miosis and IOP, wearing glasses, light reduction, dilated pupils, easily elevated intraocular pressure, eye pain; neuroretinitis spondylitis patients, wearing The sunglasses can lead to nerve conduction, increase inflammation; Semanghuanzhe wearing sunglasses difficult to distinguish colors; night blindness patients wearing fake ray bans sunglasses, to Weak light filtering, causing vision loss, even invisible.