Using shades of gold, silver and bronze can bring gorgeous results to any simple object. The simple technique of embossing can be used in craft projects, home decorating and other items. For many, foil embossing is one of the easier decorating methods that bring fantastic results.

Crafting and DIY projects have grown in popularity with people from various backgrounds. Some find it to be a form of relaxation as it lets their mind wander into creativity. Anyone who wants to give this a try can buy starter kits that contain all the necessary supplies that can be used on decorating and different objects.

One common use for foil emboss are picture frames. This is also one of the easiest projects for a person to take on when they are getting their feet wet. As new frames can be expensive, this is a great way to give a new look to an old frame.

Using stencils are a great way to create neat art quickly as they are simple to use. This can be applied to gifts, book covers and more as a way to add a metallic accent without a lot of fuss. Another great advantage to using this as opposed to paint is there is no drying time with the initial application.

The quick application also makes combining colors very easy since there is no waiting for paint to dry. By using with a dark or neutral color, one can create a little contrast with a bold silver streak. This method is also great for use with other paint effects or to use with appliques when decorating objects.

For those who like to create and are good with their hands, this could be a nice home business where a person can sell their items or make customer items for clientele. The good thing is that the internet will allow anyone to open a virtual store or they can buy a temporary space at an open air market. People that do this for a living on a full or part time basis say that functional items tend to sell the fastest.

Another idea would be to bring new life to old items using the foil emboss technique along with other painting methods. These items can be found for cheap at yard sales, dollar stores and places that want to sell items fast so they are marked down to an incredibly low price. This may include fun items to art to things that serve a purpose like a desk or cabinet.

Anyone can also create hot fashions by using this on fabrics. There are kits that are designed especially for use on fabric materials. It is important to read the instructions for the types of fabric that can be used so that the best results may be achieved.

Craft websites, books and magazines can also inspire ideas for decorating with foil that are easy to follow. Many stores that sell these kits may offer complimentary classes that are hands on. There are so many ways to use foil embossing that it would take hours to describe how to achieve many hot looks.

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