Whether you are just a small business entity or a large organization, your company's first impression highly depends on your company's 24 hour telephone answering service. Immediately the phone is answered, good customer care starts. The duration of the conversation highly relies on the nature of greetings offered to the customer as well your tone's friendly nature.

There are a few things that you should consider before answering that call. You should have a few items in place which include note pads, pens and any other items that you will require for taking notes. When answering, you should have anything in your mouth, including food, drink or even chewing gum.

You should not let the phone ringing for over four times. The impression given to the customer by an unanswered phone call is that the customer is not important to your organization. There should be an instant response to a ringing telephone.

The length of your conversation with the customer depends on how you greet him. You start by making a clear introduction of your organization and the specific departments within it. A smile is very important as you speak to the customer because it can always be heard in your voice, despite the fact that it cannot be seen.

You need to find out why the caller is making the call. There are several reasons that could prompt a customer to make a call. However, wanting to solve a problem is the main reason why calls are made. It is always kind to find out why a customer is calling immediately after greeting him, finding out how you may be of help to him.

If your caller does not identify himself immediately, it is good to ask him who he is. Ask him for his name. The call will become personalized as you will now be able to refer to him by his name.

You should also be able to make call transfers. In case the caller would like to speak to someone else within the organization, inform the caller who you will be making the call transfer to. This will enable the caller familiarize with your organization.

Ask the customer if he would like the call to be held. The call should not be held for over 45 seconds. Of importance to note is that callers do not like being kept on hold for long.

In case the person with whom the caller wishes to speak is unavailable, ask the caller if he would like to leave a message for him. Take the message and write it down; and repeat it to him in order to maintain clarity. If you need to transfer the call to a voice mailbox, make sure the caller is aware.

Identifying yourself again to the caller is important. Also, you should ask him if he needs anything else from you. When ending a call, handle it just like you did when answering it in the first place because a good 24 hour telephone answering service is very crucial in making sure your customers are satisfied.

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