OK, so the vacation is over. It was fun while it lasted, but I need to get back to it. It's like the Tick says, "Crime doesn't call in sick." Tick fans out there anyone? No?

To start this off, I did a Q&A about WVU with College Football Zealots a couple days ago. I hate that I made no mention of Robert Sands whatsoever. But other than that I think I gave a pretty fair assessment. Please do go over and give it a read as well as the other fine previews happening at their site.

Now that spring practice is over for everyone we can get into the silly season that leads up to summer camp. Some suggestions for you if you would like to read about conference expansion et al.:

Pitt Blather

Troy Nunes

On The Banks

Well done, gentlemen! Now it is crystal clear that we are all screwed. Until next time, see if you can't find all the misfit toys of the Big East a new home.