Lethal Lockdown: Team Son Bischoff defeated  Team Bischoff via pinfall (Son Bischoff pinned Eric Bischoff)

It's not going to go down as the best Lethal Lockdown ever, but had its moments and was a good way to open the show. There wasn't a huge spot, but they're were a few nice ones especially by AJ Styles. The finish played into the storyline between son and dad Bischoff with Son Bischoff pinning his dad and came off too contrived. It was easy to telegraph it  because Bischoff was playing to the crowd instead of pinning someone when everyone was down so you saw Bischoff getting his comeuppance. You know what they were trying to pull off. It's frustrating knowing what TNA wants to do instead of them doing it correctly, though. ** 1/2

TNA Tag Championship: Samoa Joe/Magnus defeated MCMGs

Wow. Big letdown.  I was looking forward more than anything too. The match just never transitioned and they couldn't build the match. The Guns never looked like they had a chance to win the match, which is interesting since they just cameback. The crowd also hurt this match. It seemed like they were sitting on their hands waiting for something to pop for. * 1/2

TV Title: Devon defeated  Robbie E

Devon is near the end of his career while Robbie E is an inexperienced wrestler who needs to be carried. This match was better off if was left on Impact. Robbie E and his bouncer got their heat back when they beatdown Devon, which sadly means this feud will continue. The crowd didn't like this either. 1/2*

TNA Knockouts Championship: Gail Kim defeated Velvit Sky

A smart company would put on a match that the crowd would care about trying to get them into this show. Obviously, TNA is not a smart company. This was boring, had bad ring presence , and sequences and spots that made some 3-year-old watching realize wrestling is fake. Not only am I getting frustrated with this PPV, the crowd is too. So far, every match has been been Impact quality matches. 1/2*

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan's promo

It's becoming redundant, but this belonged on Impact. Amazingly, this actually brought the crowd alive and got more over than anything so far. Still didn't translate well on TV, though.

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

Horrible finish to a bad match. These two have no chemistry together and their style and size just don't match up well. This PPV is quickly transitioning  from a frustrating show into a comedy show. 3/4*

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

This has been a current theme in TNA for a while: broken Kurt Angle trying to save the PPV by putting on a great match. It's a testament of how much passion Angle has for the business and how TNA's undercard is under utilized or sub-par wrestlers. They worked a smart match and didn't put their bodies on the line that much, which was good because Kurt was already hurt. Jeff Hardy's swanton off the top wasn't the best spot he's ever done but was a cool one nevertheless. These two are the only full-time wrestlesr to that get big-time pop and was the first PPV worthy match on the show so far. *** 1/4

Knockouts Tag Title Match: Eric Young/ODB vs. LAX Wannabees

A filler, comedy match to allow the fans to "catch their breath" before the main event. N/A

TNA Title Match: Robert Roode defeated James Storm

They lived up to the hype by having a heat-filled, hard-hitting, highly dramatic match. This felt like a big time match, and both have cemented themselves as true main-eventers with star-making performances. This was an old school brawl with a blend of WWE style as well. Story at the end of the man was both had a chance to win by climing out of the cage but decided inflicted more damage instead. Roode winning the match in Storm's hometown was something I would've been against before the match, but since the match was very good, I'm glad the belt is still on Roode because their feud is going to continue and that means more matches. This main-event in a way frustrates me because we all know TNA could put these kind of matches on all time, but they decide not to. *** 1/2-ish

Final Verdict:  The last two big matches couldn't save the worst undercard matches I've seen in a long time. Thumbs Down