The Washington Nationals 2012 Top 15 Prospects & Discussion can be found below. The systems we have already profiled can be found on the sidebar on the left of your screen. The Milwaukee Brewers are up next on Wednesday, January 11th.

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Jeff Reese Al Skorupa 1 Bryce Harper, OF Bryce Harper, OF 2 Anthony Rendon, 3B Anthony Rendon, 3B 3 Brian Goodwin, CF Brian Goodwin, CF 4 Alex Meyer, RHP Alex Meyer, RHP 5 Sammy Solis, LHP Matt Purke, LHP 6 Steve Lombardozzi, 2B/SS Steve Lombardozzi, 2B/SS 7 Matt Purke, LHP Sammy Solis, LHP 8 Destin Hood, COF Destin Hood, COF 9 Michael Taylor, CF Matt Skole, 3B 10 Chris Marrero, 1B ...