Arlington Heights IL, 23-FEB-2013 - The Center of Acupuncture Fertility Chicago Illinois, Natural Fertility Health Center, and Ian Wahl, director and founder of the Palatine fertility center, are pleased to announce help for local couples seeking to resolve fertility issues. A variety of methods and assistance is available, including emotional, spiritual, educational, and physical remedies. The methods are natural, but can be used in combination with traditional medicine techniques.

Speaking in a recent interview, Ian Wahl explained, "We offer the Integrated Dynamic Fertility system which involves the evaluation and therapy of the human body's four-part eco-system - the Hormone-Immune System, the Bio-Mechanical System, the Energetic-Meridian System and the Mental-Spiritual System. The staff and support personnel at the Center are focused on guiding couples to reproductive health. We understand that well-being is a crucial part of fertility."

Couples who deeply desire a child choose various paths to achieve that goal. The Center doesn't promote one type of care program over another. Comprehensive information about various kinds of therapy to achieve fertility and a successful pregnancy is offered in classes, newsletters and support groups.

Both men and women can access the services of the Center, although it is often the woman who receives more attention and focus, simply because more women seek therapy and emotional support during attempts to conceive. In either case, promoting wellness in each of the human eco-systems is beneficial to overall health.

Learn more about therapy for fertility issues by going to the web pages found at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions regarding the information in this press release are encouraged to contact the Center at the location provided below.

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