Arlington Heights, IL, 28-DEC-2012 - The Wahls of Wellness and Ian Wahl, director and founder of the Palatine acupuncture center are pleased to announce that acupuncture and ancient Chinese herbs have been shown to be effective in helping even long-time smokers kick the habit. People in the Western world are increasingly recognizing the dangers and irritations of smoking and looking for ways to stop. Acupuncture is a non-drug approach to easing tobacco withdrawal cravings.

An acupuncture modality to stop smoking recognizes the addictive power of tobacco smoking. Using acupuncture in combination with herbal remedies can ease cravings and improve health. In many instances, removing the addiction to the drug is only part of the process. It may also be helpful to reduce stress, increase willpower and reduce the desire to eat. The therapy includes Chinese herbs and acupuncture. The patient also is provided with guided imagery, affirmations and home program elements as shown on a reinforcement CD.

Ian Wahl spoke recently about the philosophy of the Center, "The Wahls of Wellness makes no distinction between spirit, body and mind. Our strategy incorporates the ancient methods of Oriental medicine and acupuncture. Further, we integrate the technology of modern health care and healing methods. The methods we use at the Center are intended to alleviate the symptoms, but we also recognize that true healing must resolve the root causes of the addiction."

Smoking is a tough habit to break. Acupuncture techniques offer hope for those seeking to free themselves of the unhealthy addiction. Acupuncture doesn't just replace one addiction with another. It doesn't rely on harsh chemicals to remove cravings. Instead, acupuncture techniques offer promotion of attitudes and lifestyles that are healthy, happy and well.

Learn more about the principles of acupuncture as an alternative method of healing and how the Center incorporates them into techniques offered to locals by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have questions about the contents of this press release are invited to contact the Palatine acupuncture clinic at the location provided below.

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