Arlington Heights, IL, 28-Dec-2012 - The Center of Acupuncture Fertility Chicago Illinois, Natural Fertility Health Center, and Ian Wahl, director and founder of the Palatine fertility treatment, are pleased to announce a menu of solutions for those individuals who desire to be rid of fertility issues. The Center in Palatine invites couples or women to pay a visit in order to learn more about the topic of infertility.

The professionals and support groups at the Center are dedicated to educating women and guiding them to full reproductive health. There is understanding that well-being involves physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. When the desired result of a successful pregnancy and healthy baby is achieved, the patients are blessed. If the therapy results in improved health overall, that is a benefit as well.

The belief that a healthy reproductive system is more likely to be fertile underlies the work done at the Center. The various types of fertility therapy are presented in an informational mode. There is no bias or promotion of one type of therapeutic care or program over another.

If a couple chooses to use biomedical or full medical procedures, the staff at the Center is available to provide emotional support. Couples who choose natural approaches are also provided with emotional support from the staff and from other individuals and couples going through the programs at the facility.

The spiritual aspect of fertility health is the philosophy of the the Fertile Spirit. There is support for the idea that those couples or individuals with a spiritual component to their lives tend to be more fertile. Other natural methods include acupuncture and lifestyle changes. Single women are as welcome as couples in accessing the services of the Center.

Learn more about fertility health and fertility options by going to the web pages found at today. Members of the press and others who have questions about the contents of this particular press release are invited to contact the Center at the location provided below.

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