In the aftermath of Jason Collins coming out and Robbie Rogers coming out and playing Roy Hibbert made a Gay Slur on Saturday Night that ultimately lead to fine and a correct decision by the NBA.


Hibbert is one of the top centers in the NBA because of his nastiness, his ability to defend the rim and get blocked shots. During the game on Saturday night the tension was felt with Pacers being down 3-2 and from the infamous incident that the Chris Birdman Anderson had. During the game the Pacers showed complete dominance from the second half on. As Miami only scored only a combined 37 points compared to the Pacers 52. By nights end we found out that we had game seven because of tenacious defense from Hibbert and shots made at the right time from Paul George and Lance Stephenson. However at the news conference Hibbert comments almost made him liability in Game 7.

When Hibbert the media asked about his defense on Miami’s Dewayne Wade and Lebron James he ended it by using a gay racial slur in which he said “no homo."(   When that comment got to the NBA the questioned remained to suspend him or just to fine him. By next morning the NBA said Hibbert would be fine 75,000 for comments that he made last night. With the damage already done Hibbert issued and apology and asked on twitter if he could talk with Jason Collins.  After hearing the apology commissioner David Stern said While Roy has issued an apology, which is no doubt sincere, a fine is necessary to reinforce that such offensive comments will not be tolerated by the NBA," (ESPN.COM).  After this comment Heat fans wanted him suspended after all the Bird Man got suspended for an event that happened on the court so why shouldn’t he get suspended for the comments that he made off the court.

When one looks at it Hibbert got what he deserved and the only reason he did got suspended was because he really has not had any past actions unlike the Bird Man. Lastly, when Jason Collins came out people question if the NBA and its player would be ready for GAY to play their sport. From this incident it seems as if the answer is no for the players but yes for NBA.