by Jack Crewe


Klitschko has offered Haye a ''50-50'' purse split for the fight and says he is willing to come to England to make it happen. Previous negotiations have fallen apart due to wrangles over TV revenues.

The bid from Klitschko has come as the fallout from the dismal fight between Haye and Harrison continues as David's suggestion he bet on third round is being investigated by the British Board of Control. There have been calls for Harrisons purse to be held.

BBBC general secretary Robert Smith said that while he accepted Haye's subsequent insistence that he not really placed money on the fight's outcome, the board would investigate his initial comments.

Smith told Sky Sports News: ''The board will consider the comments in their next meeting. We're not going to call an immediate inquiry, we're just going to carry on as normal. We will meet up in December as the board always does, every month. We look at the pitfalls of every show and David's comments will be looked at and we'll take it from there.''

In an interview Vitali said, ''I'm ready any minute to sign a 50-50 contract. We are both world champions so let's fight. Let's make the fight in the Spring time – I'm ready, the question is for David Haye. I hear about the great venue of Madison Square Garden for this fight. But I'm ready to fight in Germany, the United States or Great Britain. Where the most money is on the table ... let's fight in this place.''

Klitschko caims he wants the fight to take place spring 2011 in my opinion this would be a great fight let me know your views on this fight taking place or weather its the wrong Klitschko.