Well sure, this is exactly what common sense would say to do. Kevin Kolb starts the first game of the season, has a poor performance, can't motivate his team, can see clear as day, the team isn't behind him. Kolb gets knocked out due to injury, Michael Vick comes in, energizes the team, looks like the Vick from 2006, almost leads the team from behind to victory. 

Vick starts yesterday, looks amazingly impressive, brought amazing energy to the team, and looked scary to defenses that would have to face him. The Eagles win, and the fans breath a sigh of relief, grateful that the Eagles kept him this off season after they traded McNabb.

Now, after reading that, and hearing all about how Vick is playing, common sense would basically say, Vick is the Eagles starting QB, and he can lead the team to a great season. Well, Reid doesn't use common sense, he uses a formula of 30% arrogance, and 70% stupidity. According to his amazing formula, he concluded that Kolb is the obvious starter, and the best to lead his team to victory. Uhhh, come again?

This is just beyond me, I am by no means an Eagles fan, but dude, you don't bench a player who has energized your team, who basically proved himself a leader to them, what is wrong with you? I honestly can't figure out this move, but then when you remember his formula to choose a starter it makes sense. 

If you are wondering what the arrogance is, that would be Reid wanting to prove to everyone that he was right in getting rid of McNabb and agreeing with the Eagles to give Kolb a big raise and become the starter. Obviously if Reid were to bench Kolb, and play Vick, he has egg on his face for thinking that Kolb was better then McNabb, and was the answer. The stupidity, well I just feel thats self explanatory, in the sense that he is benching his best QB, to start someone who really lets be honest, isn't as good.

Now Vick has come out publicly and said there should be no controversy in Philly, and that he is fine being the backup to Kolb. But lets be real, he hates the idea, and is simply putting on a brave face for the media. I am sure when players heard about this today, there was rumbling in the locker room, about the decision. Vick should be the starter, and Reid is an idiot for this move.