Well, there you have it Islander fans Thomas Vanek has been traded to the Montreal Canadians for a pick and a prospect.  The pick is contingent on the Canadians making the playoffs and the prospect is Sabastian Collberg.

WOW! Not only did Garth Snow completely botch today’s trade but he completely botched the Andrew MacDonald trade yesterday as well.  Snow then goes on to say that this was the best possible deal for Vanek? Does he really expect people to believe that? I hope not because I certainly don’t. Not one word of it.

I can’t even fathom these moves. They make ZERO sense any which way you slice it. 

Let’s start with the trade yesterday with the Flyers that sent A-Mac to Philly and two picks back to the Islanders, one this year and one next year.  Let’s be honest, whether or not you thought A-Mac was a good player or not, Snow easily could have gotten more for him then just a second round and fifth rounder respectfully. Look I’m not going to sit here and tell you that he would have gotten Snow a first rounder or an NHL player or prospect back because I would be lying to you, but do I think he could have gotten a few picks and a prospect, I think fans would have been content with that. I know I would have.

Now onto today, oh the joys of today (not really it’s a great day just not in the hockey world) the official NHL Trade Deadline, where like many people were camped out by their phones, iPads, computers waiting to see what their teams would do.  Let me tell you something, I was on my iPad and phone all day waiting for the Islanders to make a move or two (though Vanek’s trade was the one that everyone was focused on).  Personally, if I had known it would have been the kind of trade it turned into then I would gladly have passed and been content but Garth Snow knows how to really play the Islanders fan base yet again.  This trade has yet again made a mockery of this organization. 

While I was on Twitter today I saw something that made me say FINALLY! Someone has the courage to come out and call the Islanders out.  The best part about it, it was on national television. So I say thank you TSN. Finally, someone other than the fan base which truthfully isn’t listened to has spoken out about how mismanaged and dysfunctional this team is from Charles Wang all the way down to Jack Capuano.

I get that Wang and Snow have a great relationship going on and that the two of them are inseparable, but come on, how can they sit here and tell us everything is supposed to be great and the team is heading in the right direction…really? They need to be replaced and start anew with a new owner and general manager. Also please explain what part of today and the last eight years have shown that team moving in the right direction? Truthfully, there’s nothing that I see that shows this team taking the next step and becoming a playoff contender, let alone making the Stanley Cup.

Stay tuned to the draft, free agency and potential trades because I would be shocked if Snow made a major move.