Valley Stream NY, 16-AUGUST-2013 - Island Musculoskeletal Care and the team of professionals located at one of the eight fully equipped facilities around the New York area are pleased to announce that a Valley Stream orthopedic surgeon team is available to provide shoulder pain relief remedies to local area residents. The team of surgeons are the best in NYC with more than a century of combined experience, board certified recognitions, and esteemed professional affiliations.

According to a spokesperson for the Valley Stream orthopedic surgeon team, "The shoulder is one of the most complicated areas of the human body. Shoulder pain is often due to post-traumatic injuries or inflammatory conditions. Since the shoulder is made up of many areas, it's important to identify the location of the problem. Shoulder pain can make you dread moving in any way. Don't limit yourself each day dealing with shoulder pain, relieve it, so you can get back to living life without limitations."

There are several types of painful conditions which typically cause problems in the shoulder. These include the damage to the acromioclavicular joint and rotator cuff. Another commonly seen condition is adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder. Assessment and identification of the exact cause of shoulder pain is the first step in therapy. The tools used for diagnostic purposes may include a radiograph, MRI or other technological devices, as well as patient history and physical examination.

The type of solutions will depend upon the type of injury, as well as to the extent or severity. These solutions may include hot and cold therapy, physical therapy, surgical procedures, anti-inflammatory exercises or cortisone injections.

Speaking to an interviewer recently, a Valley Stream orthopedic surgeon explained, "At Island Musculoskeletal Care, we strive to provide our patients comprehensive services. Due to the knowledgeable team of top orthopedic surgeons, we serve patients of all ages with a wide range of injuries and diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system."

Learn more about shoulder injuries and how the doctors are able to restore mobility by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the content of this press release are encourages to contact the practice at the location provided below.

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