ALL-TOURNAMENT TEAM --- Robertson, Boykin, Randle, Pondexter and UCLA G Michael Roll. Thomas was named the Most Outstanding Player.

IT'S OVER --- UW 79-75.

OVERTON SEALS THE DEAL --- Overton went to the line with 2.1 seconds left and made two free throws.

LANE VIOLATION --- Randle made the first FT and intentionally missed the second one, but was called for a lane violation. UW 77-75.

STRANGE CALL --- Turner poked the ball away from Randle and the refs called a foul on Turner when they were scrambling for the loose ball. Randle is going to the line with 4.4 seconds left.

TURNOVER --- Pondexter lost the ball on a drive and Cal has it 10.7 seconds left. UW 77-74.

WOW --- Best game of the year. UW 77-74 at 50.3 seconds.

"THIS IS US!" --- That's what Thomas is saying to his teammates on the...

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