Well the optimism for the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies season took another blow as closer Brad Lidge and 2nd baseman Chase Utley will start the season on the disabled list. What does this mean? Well it will most likely mean that Ryan Madson will begin the Phils season as the closer and that the 2nd base spot will either go to Luis Castillo who the Phillies signed to a tryout, or infielder Wilson Valdez. Now from the way I see it, the job should definately go to Wilson, he played great defense for the Phils last year and didn't do too bad with the bat either. Valdez has a canon arm and has decent speed which is great for an infielder. As for Madson, well let's just hope if he blows a save he won't be kicking anymore chairs and breaking his foot again. Personally I think you could also see Scott Mathieson also get a look at the closer spot. He closed for the Phillies AAA team last year the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. Mathieson posted a 2.80 earned run average and got 26 saves for Lehigh in 2010. Now I'm not questioning Madson's ability to close games, he's done it before, but why not give the kid a shot. Madson is better in the set up role anyway, at least that's the way I see it. Back to Chase now, it's obvious that the Phils don't want their star second baseman to have surgery on his knee because that would put Chase out for the season. But if Chase does have the surgery, don't think it's a bad decision, because it might just be the better choice in the long run. Unfortunately, with an aging ball club, we need to focus on winning now.