Want to understand the something that causes themed activities to fail badly? Not carrying the motif throughout every aspect of the affair. If your charity is hosting a Mexican night, you'll intend to do greater than simply serve tacos and play mariachi songs. You'll prefer to instill every aspect of the occasion with all points Mexican.

That indicates surrendering the common for the remarkable. Making use of inflatables for special activities created after themes is one guaranteed means to make your visual advertising more efficient. That's since sales leads provide features not found somewhere else.

Bigger Than Life

Inflatables are tailor-made and can be any type of size you want. Preferred a 25-foot high bullfighter? Done! With huge inflatable sombreros hanging from the ceiling and an inflatable eco-friendly, white and red nationwide flag standing tall in the corner, your guests will certainly soon feel as though they've pioneered into a bistro in Cancun.

3-D Captures Attention

Unlike ordinary signage or posters, inflatables are three dimensional: a huge benefit with curb advertising and marketing. It's hard to ignore a message urging you to provide amply when it's on the front of a 15-foot tall, advertise inflatables burrito.

Color Is Eye Catching

Include color to size and form and you have a three-way danger that's difficult to beat. Inflatables for unique occasions obtain noticed.


Let's point out that you decide to permit exhibitors at your Mexican-themed charity event. Due to the fact that of their aesthetic marketing qualities, those exhibitors will have better success with drawing visitors to their booths when they make use of inflatables.


No themed occasion would certainly be total without a little marketing. Titan inflatable company logos finish the job by identically replicating your company logo in whatever dimension fits your needs.

Mascots & Costumes

Whether you desire a friendly face your visitors will instantly acknowledge or a real-life, strolling mascot to shake hands and greet guests, inflatable mascots and outfits make a large impact. Wrap your mascot or costumed personality with a charro jacket to play in to your Mexican style.

Free gifts

Balls, essential chains, image frameworks, drilling bags and even more. These mini-inflatables make great giveaways your guests will value and use. Branded with your logo, they'll additionally serve to remind attendees with respect to your business or organization.

Thanks to the curb marketing elements of inflatables, your unique events can be all the more effective. Ensure to hold the motif all the way through - from inflatable signage to free gifts - for added effect. Your guests will certainly be thrilled at just how cheery your event is ... you'll be excited at the outcomes you attain. Click here marketing​